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Haska Steel Door, which has succeeded to be the leading company in the steel door industry with its years of experience and a quarter-century success story since 1996, takes its place among the respected brands of Turkey with its product variety, design differences, quality understanding and after-sales services. Haska Steel Door, which reflects the needs and expectations of the sector in the best way to its products and services at every point with its consumer-oriented approach, aims to continuously raise the standards in the steel door sector by combining its innovative line and modern production and marketing understanding with its experience in the sector. Combining its products designed without sacrificing safety and quality with elegance and different designs for you who want to make a difference in your home, HASKA reflects its special models in various sizes and working systems. Offering special designs such as steel doors, building entrance doors, villa doors, fire doors, wrought iron spiral doors and project doors, HASKA brings thousands of products together with different places. For your safety, HASKA is always with you…

This catalogue has been prepared with RETRO concept for specializing our 25th year. HASKA family, served this sector since quarter century, reflected to his new design for his advantage that he has two different generation on his managing board. Compounding first generation’s experiences with new generation’s modern perspective, he presents his new design in wealth of Retro to you with a big proud. In order to emphasize variety and wealth of our products and whom we address to, it has been preferred Catalan language, root and starting point of all european languages, for our products’ names. It especially paid attention that choosen names should been harmony with the designs.

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